Anxiety and Overthinking
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Certified Online Therapy for Adults of All Ages in Florida

You feel so alone!

Everyone looks like they have everything together.

You’ve tried to do everything yourself, but nothing is working!

Functioning through basic tasks is a struggle.

No one seems to understand.

You just want to feel how you used to feel before this happened.

You are struggling to leave your home, go shopping, or go to appointments!

I’m here to help.

As a certified anxiety therapist, I specialize in helping folks like you work through their struggles with anxiety.

I know these skills work as I have used them in my life. Grounding skills helped me work through my feelings and focus on what was happening at the moment.

I will help you manage your anxiety and stop overthinking things in the future. There are processes I can teach you, so you focus on things that are happening at present.

We will develop tools to have available for you every day. Together, we will work on how to use these tools to guide you on your path to healing.

Online therapy makes it easy to get help.

Convenient online sessions allow you to heal from within the comfort of your home. Anxiety makes it challenging to leave your home and meet new people.

Online counseling allows you to feel comfortable in your own home and space. You can even have your animals around you. I have a dog that sometimes will appear in our sessions as we meet.

At first, we will have a phone call to ensure that I can help you answer any questions and try to eliminate any fears you may have.

Discover your life without anxiety.

Can you imagine a life where you are not anxious, or you do not overthink about things that have not yet happened? I can provide you with relief!

I will work with you weekly and send you readings and tools to try each time we meet to help and guide you to a life without anxiety.

Together, we will help you find your path to healing and become your normal self again.

You deserve to feel good.

Imagine waking up in the morning anxiety FREE!

I can help you obtain that freedom. If you work with me, I will provide you with the skills and tools to wake up without anxiety, go shopping, go out with friends, and do daily tasks while feeling your usual self.

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