“Will I feel ‘normal’ again?”

Lately, you wonder, “Why do I feel this way; am I the only one that feels this way?” Something came out of nowhere! And now, you feel anxious about what’s happening in your life.

As a result of anxiety, you may find yourself overthinking things that could happen in the future, causing you to live in constant fear that something terrible may happen.

At this point, you may struggle to focus on work or daily tasks, causing everything to seem overwhelming and unobtainable.

That anxious feeling may make it difficult to leave the house and be part of society. You struggle with sleeping at night, finding yourself thinking about your day, and wishing you could have done something differently.

Anxiety takes away your power!

Dealing with anxiety is physically as well as mentally challenging.

Suffering from anxiety can cause changes in breathing, making it a struggle to breathe, especially when something triggers that anxious feeling.

Dizziness, headaches, a racing heart and heart palpitations, flushed skin, and sweating are all physical expressions resulting from anxiety.

You may experience anger over small things, have tunnel vision, and experience trouble sleeping.

Take Back the Power!

Your journey to finding your “normal” self can start today!

I specialize in treating people who are struggling with anxiety. I will help you explore the root causes of your anxiety and how it is showing up in your life.

Together, we will work on implementing tools to help you tackle all the faces of anxiety.

We will identify the skills and approaches to help you feel better and create lasting changes.

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