Family Therapy

Honest communication is lacking.

It’s hard to believe that everyone in this family is related because it seems like you are speaking different languages.

Everyone is on their phone or electronics, creating a disconnect that makes communication even harder.

Conflicts arise as everyone struggles to communicate and understand the other person’s meaning.

Frustrations impact your time together, creating a lack of communication.

Disconnection describes your family!

Adults don’t understand each other or the children, and the children don’t understand the adults. Making a meaningful connection seems impossible.

Some common responses floating around your home include: “Why don’t you understand me? Why can’t you see my point of view? Why do I even bother trying to talk with you – you are no help. I want to be left alone.”

As a parent, you want to help, but your children don’t always understand, creating more frustration. Even parents can become disconnected in terms of providing support for each other and listening to the other’s point of view.

Now, it seems everyone goes to their personal space and interests rather than staying together and enjoying each other’s company. Electronics and video games have replaced family time.

Reconnecting is challenging but achievable!

Family therapy can help you and your family find a path to reconnecting with each other and building a solid family structure. In my work with families, I strive to provide a safe space where everyone feels heard and appreciated. Open avenues of communication and listening to each other’s points of view increase overall connection.

We will work to set healthy boundaries and learn ways to communicate positively with each other so that you all understand. We will also devise ways to plan and execute more family quality time without electronics or games.

Don’t keep drifting apart. Families can learn to cooperate and function as a unit that expresses openness, love, support, and connectedness.

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