Qualified Clinical Supervisor

What happens next?

You find yourself lost after graduation, wondering who you will turn to for support.

Becoming a licensed therapist requires hours of clinical supervision, and finding someone with diverse knowledge of the field is essential.

A good supervisor is vital for your professional growth, and acquiring the tools of the trade requires one-on-one interaction with your supervisor.

The more guidance you receive from your supervision, the more effective you will be once you become a licensed therapist.

If you want the right supervision…

…you have come to the right place! I have a vast history of working with registered interns in the State of Florida.

I offer weekly supervision and check-in more often if needed. Together, we create goals to help you grow into a successful professional. I also provide clinical supervision and support as you obtain the hours required for licensure.

The skills and tools you learn during our weekly meetings will help you become the counselor you envision yourself being.

Call me today at (352) 615-0144 to discuss your goals and how I can help you reach your clinical goals.