Couples Therapy

“How did we get here?”

That’s an excellent question, but it is not unusual for many couples to ask.

You used to love sharing everything, listening intently, and enjoying each other’s company.

Now you wonder, “Why is talking to each other so hard? I feel like I am living with a roommate. I can’t talk to you anymore.”

These questions are signs that your relationship needs some help.

Communication is hard!

Looking back, you think, “We used to talk about everything.”You felt heard and supported, but now you believe your partner is not listening.

Neither of you can talk about how you truly feel. When you express concern, conflicts arise, tempers flare, and things worsen.

Cross talk is the best way to explain how you communicate now.

When communication stops, nothing gets resolved.

Spending time together is in the past.

When together, you both spend time on your phones.

In the past, you used to like spending time together and talking. Now, you think, “I feel alone when we are together. Why am I feeling so alone in this relationship?”

Being together but separate communicates that you are not the essential thing in your partner’s life. Maybe, the feeling is mutual.

Drifting apart is no way to maintain a viable relationship.

Reconnect with each other – The Time Is Now!

You have come to the right place to learn ways of reconnecting with your loved one in a safe, nonjudgmental space.

Relationships change over time, and couples must maintain connectedness and open communication to face life’s challenges together. Couples therapy can help you learn skills to identify and name your feelings through communication, allowing you to stay on the same page rather than drifting apart.

Together, we will work on building communication skills and breaking down barriers that emerge from struggles within the relationship. We will work on ways to build back the love that you feel has been lost and learn to love each other again.

We will also work on learning skills for handling difficult situations, making healthy decisions, and reaching goals.

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